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Enhancing Adult Education with Digital Tools


🕵🏻‍♂️ Search the Artifact!

The newsletter cover was generated with DALL-E, an AI image generator by Open AI.

AI-generated images sometimes have inconsistencies, also known as artifacts, that are elements that do not traditionally belong

in an image, like an arm not connected to a person, extra or missing fingers, or other characteristics not requested in the prompt. This however, has help users identify that the images were created with AI.

We will have a generated AI image for each cover with a question asking to identify the artifacts! Today’s question is:

Can you find the two animals that do not belong in the image?


🎤 Introduction to Digital ATDN's Asynchronous Tech-Support App

One of my initial projects at Digital ATDN involved developing an asynchronous app to aid adult education practitioners in Connecticut. Built using GlideApps, Digital ATDN’s On-Demand Video App offers comprehensive tech support for teachers and agencies, addressing issues in both in-person and remote classroom scenarios. The selection of programs available in the app was based on a survey administered to the field, identifying the most commonly used programs and their intended use in agencies. The app provides:

  • Curated Short Video Tutorials: Covering a range of tech applications in adult education, organized by program and task, including troubleshooting steps and useful tips.

  • Help Center and Personalized Support: Allowing users to access program-specific help centers and schedule sessions with Digital ATDN for further assistance.

🔎 GlideApps: A Closer Look

GlideApps enables users to create apps from spreadsheets, transforming data into interactive "cards" without coding. It supports various platforms like Excel, Google Sheets, and Airtable. Recent updates include templates, adjustable views, and AI integration for improved data management. However, changes to its subscription model have affected some features, such as bookmarking videos for future viewing.

📚 Supporting Resources

To assist agencies and staff in utilizing GlideApps and creating a similar experience to Digital ATDN’s On-Demand Video App, I've compiled a toolkit within a Wakelet collection, including:

  • A Google Spreadsheet template for resource organization and app creation.

  • A step-by-step guide for setting up your spreadsheet and populating the app with resources.

You can access the "Create an Asynchronous Tech Support App Toolkit" by clicking here or by visiting the Content Area Toolkits section on our homepage at

💻 The Relevance of Asynchronous Tech-Support Today

While the pandemic underscored digital literacy's importance in education, digital proficiency remains crucial despite the shift back to in-person learning. The asynchronous tech support app’s structure, which initially focused on improving digital literacy, has evolved into a versatile tool. It not only bridges literacy gaps but also supports agencies in various ways, enabling students to acquire skills essential for classroom success, professional growth, and personal objectives.

GlideApps’ screen adaptability feature allows the app to be viewed as a webpage or an app, depending on the device used. The application can serve as a digital packet of dynamic resources accessible by learners throughout their program journey and referenced by teachers, counselors, career coaches, facilitators, and other staff as needed. Updating the app is as simple as updating the information in a spreadsheet cell or link.

Based on my experience, here are 3 key areas where such support can be instrumental when adapting the structure to target specific needs in your agency:

  • Student Onboarding App: Streamlines registration and provides easy access to essential information like policies, services, and guidelines. Useful resources to include in the app are student handbooks, school calendars, digital bulletin boards, forms, links to additional services with requirements, and contact information for support staff.

  • Tech Support and Help Center: Addresses the digital divide and ensures access to essential tech programs and resources. The app can include short videos, tutorials, modules, guided instructions, links to help centers, and office hours for additional support.

  • Skillbuilder App: Assists students in overcoming skill gaps that may hinder their academic and professional progress. The app can offer resources for developing studying strategies, financial literacy, career development, transferable skills, and more.

📑 Conclusion

In summary, asynchronous support apps can significantly enhance modern adult education. By providing tailored resources for teachers and students, we can improve learning experiences and meet the diverse needs of adult education agencies.

Digital ATDN offers free Tech Support and Implementation Sessions to adult education staff in Connecticut. Schedule a session here or select Tech Support and Implementation in the Need Assistance section on the Digital ATDN homepage at

🕵🏻‍♂️ Can you find the two animals that do not belong in the image?

  1. A monkey in a dress shirt can be found in front of the class looking towards the class next to the table in front of the board.

  2. A boar right in front of the man with the mustard color sweater.

Did you find any other objects that do not belong in the image? Share them with us at!


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