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Digital Literacy Resources

The resources posted on this page are either free or offer a free version.
Digital Literacy

Digital ATDN On-Demand Videos App | Online Resource | Website

The goal of this app is to organize curated short videos that troubleshoot or show specific features in the programs you use. Each program listed in this app also has a link that directs to their respective help centers for additional troubleshooting.

Digital ATDN Toolkits | Online Resource | Toolkits

Access curated resources by Digital ATDN in different content areas. The resources are currently housed in Wakelet, are grouped by programs, and are updated throughout the year to include new toolkits and resources.

Toolkits available: ESL, Pre-Beginner & Beginner ESL, Northstar, Digital Citizenship, Cybersecurity and Canva

Digital Learn | Online Resource | Website

The Digital Learn website focuses on digital skills needed from day-to-day activities to job searching. Each course includes the number of activities, an estimated time of completion, a short description of the course along with the learning target, and a level recommendation to prompt users with the digital skill level required to complete the course.

Digital Skills Library | Online Resource | Website

The Digital Skills Library is an open repository of free learning resources designed to help all adult learners develop the digital skills needed to achieve their personal, civic, educational, and career goals.

Edpuzzle | Online Resource | Website

Edpuzzle allows teachers to add videos and assign questions at different points. Teachers can find video lessons already created in EdPuzzle or use YouTube to find the video and embed questions at specific times. Teachers can monitor student progress, check for comprehension, and prevent students from skipping the video.


EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit | Online Resource | Website | Mobile App

This toolkit is designed to help educators build effective strategies for instruction that integrate technology while developing learners' digital skills. You can find resources that assist in building classroom routines, identifying EdTech Tools, and building Digital Skills. 

Goodwill Community Foundation | Online Resource | Website

The Goodwill Community Foundation (GCF), has an array of courses that span different topics. Some topics include Technology, Work, Core Skills, Reading and Math, and much more. Their lessons include videos and tutorials that scaffold the content and skills presented in the lesson.

Google Applied Digital Skills | Online Resource | Website

Google Applied Digital Skills helps build skills needed in day-to-day activities for college and career opportunities. The program teaches through more than 100 interactive video lessons. The lessons show you how to use specific features in the tools used in Google and then how it is applied to the different skills learned.

Northstar Digital Literacy | Program | Website

Northstar offers assessments, resources and modules that build digital skills needed to work, learn and, participate fully in daily life.

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