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High School Completion Resources

The resources posted on this page are either free or offer a free version.
High School Completion

Allsides | Online Resource | Website

A website that presents news from different points of view from the political spectrum. You can select a variety of topics and current issues. Topics can explore three different media biases supported by popular news media like The New York Times, NPR, NBC News and more.

Khan Academy | Online Resource | Website

This program offers a library of resources available for both teachers and students. Lessons can be searched by grade levels or topics. Each lesson can include a combination of literature, video, practice, assessments, and other tools. Integrations with Google Classroom and other learning management systems are available.

GED Math Prep | Online Resource | Website

This app was created by the Florida Literacy Coalition in partnership with CrowdEd Learning. The videos used in this app are from Khan Academy and can be searched by units or skills. Students can track their work by marking them as complete and adding any notes for the videos they watched. Completed videos will populate the completed tabs.

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