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Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into education is transforming the learning landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for personalized and effective teaching methods. This section provides curated AI resources and strategies dedicated to empowering adult education agencies, their staff and adult learners.

The following list of AI tools were showcased in our Knowledge Bytes Series. Click below to access the original chart and links to each of the tools. 
Knowledge Bytes Slides.jpg

Google Applied Digital Skills | Website

Google Applied Digital Skills helps build skills needed in day-to-day activities for college and career opportunities. The program teaches through more than 100 interactive video lessons. The lessons show you how to use specific features in the tools used in Google and then how it is applied to the different skills learned.

Recommended Lesson:

Discover AI in Daily Life | Lesson

This lesson covers how AI is used in your day-to-day activities. A great introductory lesson to understand what is AI, how do you already use AI, and how to efficiently use AI as a tool throughout daily activities. Excellent for adult education staff and learners.

EdTech's Open Prompt Book from CampGPT | Website

In CampGPT, educators experimented with generative AI-enabled tools like chatbots and image generators to learn and explore together. Their work and insights have been compiled in the Open Prompt Book from CampGPT. Throughout this prompt book, you’ll learn more about generative AI, what educators use it for, and key tips and tricks.

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