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Teaching Technology with a Purpose | 1/27/2023

Welcome to the January Newsletter!

I would like to kick off this newsletter with something I shared during MaryKate's Enhance Your Digital Literacy with Google Applied Digital Skills presentation last week (click here to register and watch the recording):

When you go to a museum or a zoo, you have the option to self explore. You can decide what you would like to see, how you would like to spend your time, or even skip things that are not of interest. Your other option is having a guide with you. A guide can show you main pieces of information to know about the topic, share interesting fun facts and adapt the experience to what is important to you. That being said, what really makes a guide worth your time are the "Wow!" moments. These "Wow!" moments reveal a sense of clarity that you were not able to view previously.

As you utilize Digital ATDN and use our services, attend our PDs or read our newsletters, we are here to guide you through technology. Give us a chance to provide opportunities for you and your students to find those "Wow!" moments that will empower your students to express themselves in the community and to meet expectations in higher paying careers.

As we continue our journey in 2023, we are expanding our services and resources to continue to offer support and implementation strategies that agencies can use for both teachers and students. We are excited to share a few announcements of what's to come in the upcoming months:


Tech Support and Implementation Provides more Support Options to Meet You and your Agency Needs!

Last month we restructured our tech support layout by categorizing our options to make it easier to identify the support you need. This month, we added all available support and implementation options on our Home page on Digital ATDN.

  • Digital ATDN’s On-Demand Videos App offers short curated videos, ranging from tutorials to tips & tricks, that assist adult education staff with different resources and tech programs available to the field.

  • Tech Support and Implementation Sessions allow participants to book 20-minute sessions with our Tech Support Specialists to assist in the support and implementation of technology applications in your agency.

  • Create My PD allows Adult Education agencies and staff to submit requests for Professional Development based on their specific needs.

  • *New* The Help Desk Portal is a new way to support agencies that need guidance in tech applications and resources but do not not require a hands-on session. You can fill out the form with your request and one of our Tech Support Specialists will respond.


Digital ATDN App

As part of the preparation for our Google Applied Digital Skills presentation with MaryKate, we added a few tutorial videos on how to get started using the program. The videos are from Google and are posted in their Applied Digital Skills website. Although you can't play the video directly in the app, you can click on the Link to Resource option under the video frame to play the video via a new window. Click here to access the app


Professional Development

1/30/2023 | Navigating OER Resources: Learn Where to Go and What to Look for

Presenter: Briana Patriarca

Audience: Program Facilitators and Teachers

Why reinvent the wheel when there are thousands of open educational resources (OER) that can be easily integrated into your curriculum? In this training, we will discuss how to find OERs and best practice tips for managing your OER resources. Click here to register.


EdTech Strategy Sessions

We are excited to announce that I will be representing Digital ATDN in one of the Lightning Talks hosted by The EdTech Center. I will be sharing information on the planning and development of Digital ATDN's On Demand Videos App through Glide Apps.

2/10/2023 | Create your own asynchronous tech support system for your agency using Glide Apps

In this session, Jose Adorno shares how the Adult Education Training and Development Network Technology Project (Digital ATDN at EdAdvance) put together a tech support app for teachers in CT. The app was created to offer curated, short tutorial videos to support teachers on specific tasks to facilitate troubleshooting, saving videos, and accessing them when problems arise. The session will discuss the steps taken to search programs, curate videos, and the selection of features used in Glide Apps to make the app accessible to teachers. Click here to register

The EdTech Center at World Education offers tech strategy sessions that cover a wide variety of tech topics presented to leaders, practitioners, educators and more. These sessions take place on the second Friday of every month. Click here to watch previous sessions.


Digital Learning Day

We are proud to announce that Digital ATDN is hosting Digital Learning Day and will be a virtual event that will take place on Monday, February 27, 2023 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Our sessions will focus on the implementation of technology in the classroom. As a way to celebrate Digital Learning Day, we will also run a Digital Scavenger Hunt that will begin in the morning of the event and will end with an unannounced game to close the event. We will be sharing additional information in the next couple of weeks! Click here to register.

Click on the flyer below to access the PDF document with session descriptions.


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