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Online for All | Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Week of Action | June 14-22, 2023

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is hosting a Week of Action called "Online for All'' to call on local communities to take action by bringing awareness and ensuring that every eligible household can get connected.


Bridging the Technology Gap | Link

Using data from the 2018 US Census American Community Survey, the types of computers and Internet subscriptions in US households were analyzed to provide a “visualization” of the technology gap. This tool helps to visualize the non-deviced and device-deficient households in the country. Your agency or district can use this tool to see how deep the technology gap is in the community you serve.


TMobile for Education | Link

TMobile is running a “10 Million Project” that offers a free hotspot device with 100 GBs per year (for 5 years). They also offer “at-cost” prices for devices for customers that qualify. One of the eligibility requirements to apply for the service is for a K-12 student to reside in the household.


Affordable Connectivity Act | Website | Video

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a federal government program that helps

families pay for home internet and connected devices. The benefit provides:

  • Up to $30 a month discount on Internet service

  • Up to $75 a month discount on Internet service for households on qualifying tribal lands

  • A one-time discount of $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer purchased through a provider offering connected devices

Eligibility | Link

Households are eligible for ACP if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Based on your household income (more information found in the link)

  • If you, your child, or a dependent participate in certain government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or other programs

  • If you or anyone in your household already receives a Lifeline benefit

The resource hub offers free marketing resources such as flyers, postcards, Internet plans, videos, and more on how to promote the ACP in your agency or district. In addition, you can access a step-by-step school toolkit or have a staff member become ACP certified to support students in your agency during the application process.

ACP Application for Students | Click Here to Apply | Snapshot Slides

Learners can complete the ACP application on the website right from their smartphone or on any other electronic device.


Digital Equity Act | Link

The Digital Equity Act provides digital skills training, improves online accessibility, and empowers rural communities. Some ways to uplift the Digital Equity Act in your agency or district:

  • Share personal stories about your students demonstrating why investment in digital equity is important and how they benefited

  • Show, using data and statistics, a need for investment in digital equity with your local representatives to increase support for this bill


Digitunity | Link

Digitunity is a national nonprofit organization working to make sure that everyone who needs a computer has one. Device ownership can help to close the digital divide. Digitunity aims to assist in getting devices into households that do not have one by working with connecting donors to recipient organizations.

Donate a Device | Link

By donating a device, you can help individuals live their best life by allowing students to access educational opportunities. Digitunity partners with numerous organizations to provide both new and refurbished devices to programs and students in need. Use the link above to learn how you can donate.

Receive a Device | Link

Use the link above to register your agency to receive technology donations.


EveryoneOn | Link

Find affordable internet services and computers in your community.

Low-Cost Internet Service Programs Tool Kit | Link

A tool kit was designed for K-12 students to learn about affordable internet programs. The tool kit contains resources that can be leveraged to ensure students have the devices and internet access needed to be successful. Explore the Tool Kit:


Digital Inclusion Week 2023 | Link

“Digital Inclusion Week is an annual week of awareness, recognition, and celebration.” Organizations across the country host various events and campaigns to bring awareness to increasing digital equity among students in their community.

How Can You Get Involved?

July - September 2023:

  • Sign up as a Digital Inclusion Week 2023 participating organization | Link

  • Use the toolkits to plan your own campaigns | Link

  • Connect with your colleagues throughout the country to share ideas through the NDIA community | Link

  • Watch for opportunities from NDIA to participate nationally

Join the NDIA Digital Inclusion Week National Planning Committee

Be a part of the National Planning Committee to influence actions across the country and support hundreds of organizations in planning. Look out for information on the NDIA listserv or email Yvette Scorse at


The Digital Navigator Model | Link

A Digital Navigator is someone who addresses digital inclusion within the community. This includes internet access, devices, and digital skills. Being familiar with resources related to digital equity, and available to assist students with learning how to use the services available to them, is a crucial part of being a Digital Navigator. NDIA provides assistance in developing a Digital Navigator Model in your program or community. Below are links to resources available for use in developing a Digital Navigator Model:

  • Job Description | PDF

  • Intake Form | PDF

  • Session Summary Form | PDF

  • Skills Assessment | PDF

  • Follow-Up Survey | PDF

  • Intro to the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) | PDF

  • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Tips | PDF

  • Free and Low-Cost Internet Plans | Link

  • Digital Navigator Infographic | PDF

  • Digital Navigator Toolkit | PDF


Digital Equity Surveys

The State of Connecticut is seeking your assistance as we develop a five-year Digital Equity Plan to help ensure that the residents you serve can access, afford, and use technology in ways that improve their lives and strengthen the delivery of the services you provide to them. Please complete the following, which will help further your mission of serving Connecticut residents:

Share the survey with students. This was designed in partnership with the University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Public Policy to identify current barriers to technology access.

We can also provide you with printed copies to distribute on-site or via USPS mailings. For online sharing, see the Outreach Toolkit. The toolkit includes sample social media posts, newsletter inserts, and print-friendly copies of the survey.

Partner Survey | Survey

We want to hear from you about the programs and services you offer to help close the digital divide. Your response to the survey will help to identify organizations that may be interested in funding opportunities to support high-speed internet connections and support for digital inclusion programs.


Overwhelmed with all of this information? Here are a few tips to keep it all straight!

Wakelet Digital Bulletin Board for Agencies

Create a Digital Bulletin Board with Digital Equity opportunities, information on what’s happening, and a place to house links specific to your agency. A digital bulletin board is a great way to ensure that programs, services, and other opportunities are available to all students in your agency.

Contact Digital ATDN

Digital ATDN is available to answer any questions, or concerns and offer support in navigating and implementing these resources in your classroom/agency. Please email Jose Adorno at


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