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Digital ATDN Toolkits: English Language Learning | 10/13/2022

Welcome to the October Newsletter!

Tech Grant Updates

We are very excited to share some services we have diligently been working on to assist professionals in the field of Adult Education.

Create My PD

Create My PD allows Adult Education agencies and staff to submit requests for Professional Development based on their specific needs. While submissions do not guarantee that a PD will be delivered, Digital ATDN will review all submissions and offer support through consultations, research, or other options appropriate to the submitted requests made by the agencies.

You can access this form by clicking on the Professional Development tab on our website - - or - click HERE to submit your request.

Digital ATDN Toolkits using Wakelet

Digital ATDN has created a Wakelet space where agencies can access toolkits available for the field. Each toolkit will offer a list of resources, programs, and activities that staff can use in contextual scenarios, as well as a few points to highlight the usability of the resources. The toolkits are scheduled to be released throughout the year and will include dedicated resources on ESL, High School Completion, Digital Skills, and more!

Adult Education practitioners have the opportunity to recommend resources as well. Click here to submit your recommend resources.

Northstar Digital Literacy

We are happy to be working with Literacy Minnesota to provide support to agencies with the newly acquired statewide Northstar Digital Literacy license. All agencies that submitted their account information should have received an email with your Northstar Agency login earlier this week. Digital ATDN will be supporting agencies with the following resources:

  • Digital ATDN App: The Northstar Tutorial Videos have been added to the app for quick access to support. Click here to access the app

  • Tech Support: Schedule a Tech Support session for assistance with Northstar, from creating accounts, and accessing the curriculum, to running reports. Click here to book a 20-minute session

  • Newsletter: November's newsletter will include additional information on how to use Northstar and access the resources available.

  • Northstar Digital ATDN Toolkit: Digital ATDN will release the Northstar Digital ATDN toolkit after the first Northstar training on October 24th, 2022!

Professional Development

Below are upcoming Professional Development opportunities available for you and your agency:

10/18/2022 | Google Classroom: The Basics and Beyond!

Presenter: MaryKate Haverly

Audience: Teachers, Administrators

10/24/2022 | Northstar Training #1 - Overview of Northstar Features

Presenter: Rob Podlasek

Audience: Northstar Admin, Directors, Program Facilitators

10/28/2022 | Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Introducing Technology Into Your Classroom!

Presenter: Briana Patriarca

Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Program Facilitators

10/31/2022 | Northstar Training #2 - Getting Started with Northstar Digital Literacy

Presenter: Rob Podlasek

Audience: Northstar Admin, Directors, Program Facilitators

11/9/2022 | Northstar Training #3 - Introducing Learners to Northstar Digital Literacy

Presenter: Rob Podlasek

Audience: Northstar Admin, Teachers

Resource Spotlight and Strategy: Digital ATDN Toolkits

In the search and application of technology tools in the field of Adult Education, agencies have found and adopted resources that have met their needs. Procedures, guidance, and countless hours of training have been used to strengthen the tools in the hands of teachers, tutors, and support staff.

Our purpose, in creating the Digital ATDN toolkits, is to collect these curated resources, offer some guidance on how to use them under specific contexts, and provide Tech Support to agencies and staff that are beginning to use some of these resources. The toolkit is also a great go-to for new staff looking for where to begin.

We are excited to announce our first toolkit release, the ESL/ELP Digital Toolkit! The toolkit is divided into the following sections:

  • Align Instruction and Delivery in the Classroom includes documents that focus on the use of routines, standards, and strategies in the classroom.

  • Classroom Tools and Instruction include programs and resources that have a collection of lessons, units, readings, and activities.

  • Pre-Beginner and Beginner Resources focus on resources that can be used for low-level English learners.

  • Class Activities include activities that can occur as part of the class or as independent learning.

We would like to take a moment and invite staff to be part of the collaboration and share your resources with us! We included a Google Form in the Wakelet as well as here in the newsletter. Click here to submit your recommend resources.

As we continue to work on the ESL and other toolkits scheduled to release later this year, our goal is to limit the decision fatigue that selecting resources brings by offering resources that "you can't go wrong" with. New and returning adult education practitioners can explore the toolkit and select parts of a resource they want to use, select the programs/resources that align with the teaching style or focus the resources based on the goals of the intended audience. That being said, we also encourage you to select no more than two resources from the toolkit to try out. It is easy to be distracted by technology and potentially lose the intended audience we are trying to support in the first place.

I would like to end this month's newsletter with the following quote:

“All the tools, techniques, and technology in the world are nothing without the head, heart, and hands to use them wisely, kindly, and mindfully.” - Rasheed Ogunlaru

If you are looking through new resources, navigating a new program, or just taking a new resource for a test drive, technology is as powerful as the person that is using it. Be intentional when using technology and start small and work your way up. Don't be afraid to try something out, especially since most of us are not running against the clock anymore. Last but not least, if you ever need assistance, we are always an appointment away!

2 comentários

Mary Segarra
Mary Segarra
18 de out. de 2022

Wow, I love the concept of giving the power to staff to make suggestions for PD. Sometimes we get stuck on what admin wants us to do, versus. what do I need to make my teaching more effective to address my students needs.

I am already loving the Digital ATDN toolkit. An excellent resource especially when you have new teachers to adult education and adult teaching, or for those that need additional resources. Will be sharing the toolkit with new and establish staff members.


14 de out. de 2022

I love the concept of Create My PD-very forward thinking! Also, I am looking forward to the Northstar Training!😀

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