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Teaching Tools Resources

The resources posted on this page are either free or offer a free version.
Teaching Tools

Flipgrid | Classroom Tool | Website

A free video discussion app that provides a safe, accessible space where students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can explore new ideas, connect with others, get creative, and contribute to meaningful discussions.

Google Jamboard | Classroom Tool | Website

This program works as a whiteboard/bulletin board in the classroom. Users can work individually or in groups to answer questions, prepare graphs, and other interactive activities. Users can save their work as an image and then upload it to Google Classroom.


Google Lens | Classroom Tool | Website

An application that uses the phone's camera as an input for Google's search. It can look up pictures, recognize text, and other features.

Google Voice | Communication Tool | Website

Google Voice allows you to make phone calls and text using a number provided by Google. You can set voicemail, and receive call alerts through email and other features.


Hemingway Editor | Classroom Tool | Website

The Hemingway Editor is a website and app that checks for writing style. The editor highlights passive voice, complex sentences, and more to identify the reading level of the text. Teachers can use the editor to highlight what parts of a text may be challenging for students and use the editor as a tool for teachers and students when writing instructions, open-ended questions, and more.

Mote | Classroom Tool | Website

A Chrome extension that allows you to record and add voice to Google Slides, docs, and other Google Classroom tools.


Padlet | Classroom Tool | Website

It's a program that offers an interactive digital bulletin board with post-it-like features. You can share resources, and offer guided class discussions and team collaborations to name a few. Documents, photos, videos, and links to different websites can be shared here for easy access.


QR Code Generator | Classroom Tool | Website

A website that allows you to generate QR codes to open a wide variety of digital resources or media. This will allow phones or other computing devices to scan the code and open websites, documents, play media, prefilled emails, and other types of digital literature.


Remind | Communication Tool | Website

It's a two-way based communication program that allows teachers to communicate with students via text or their app. They have a paid version that offers more features like translation and making phone calls.


Screencastify | Classroom Tool | Website

Screencastify is a Chrome extension that allows screen recording through Chrome. Videos can save directly into Google Drive which makes them easy to access and/or post in Google Classroom or they can be downloaded to your local computer. Other features like annotating and video editing are also available.


Talking Points | Communication Tool | Website

It's a two-way based communication program that allows teachers to communicate with students via text and/or messaging through the app. AI and human translation are available for free in 100+ languages. The interface is very intuitive and the app is easy to use. Changing the language and translations are simple and can be switched in both the teacher's and students' profiles.

Wakelet | Classroom Tool | Website

Wakelet is a teachers' bookmark manager where you can organize content into visual collections that you can then share with your learning community. Teachers can personalize their collections with different layouts, instructions, pictures, and other documents.

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