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Curriculum and Strategies Resources

The resources posted on this page are either free or offer a free version.
Curriculum and Strategies

Change Agent | Online Resource | Website

An Adult Education magazine that is made by and for Adult Education learners. SDE in CT has a subscription available for all teachers to have access to entire issues, recordings, full lessons, and other resources available to use in the classroom. Change Agent also gives the opportunity to Adult Education students to publish articles.

Digital ATDN Toolkits | Online Resource | Toolkits

Access curated resources by Digital ATDN in different content areas. The resources are currently housed in Wakelet, are grouped by programs, and are updated throughout the year to include new toolkits and resources.

Toolkits available: ESL | Pre-Beginner & Beginner ESLNorthstar

Edpuzzle | Online Resource | Website

Edpuzzle allows teachers to add videos and assign questions at different points. Teachers can find video lessons already created in EdPuzzle or use YouTube to find the video and embed questions at specific times. Teachers can monitor student progress, check for comprehension, and prevent students from skipping the video.


EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit | Online Resource | Website

This toolkit is designed to help educators build effective strategies for instruction that integrate technology while developing learners' digital skills. You can find resources that assist in building classroom routines, identifying EdTech Tools, and building Digital Skills. 

Google Applied Digital Skills | Online Resource | Website

Google Applied Digital Skills helps build skills needed in day-to-day activities for college and career opportunities. The program teaches through more than 100 interactive video lessons. The lessons show you how to use specific features in the tools used in Google and then how it is applied to the different skills learned.

Kahoot! | Online Resource | Website

An online resource where you can create and use the trivia game formula to build on learning. Don't know where to start? The Kahoot Academy section includes many ready-to-play games categorized by topics and resources from different creators.


Nearpod | Online Resource | Website

Nearpod is a platform that offers multiple ways to teach. You can have interactive slides, interactive videos, games, activities, or a mix of each in your lessons. Nearpod offers ready-to-use lessons or you can create your own/ They have also partnered with different companies to provide lessons and videos that you can use for your classes.

Newsela | Online Resource | Website

A collection of articles can be scaled by lexile levels to accommodate different reading levels. Articles include quizzes that assess comprehension. Newsela can integrate with Google Classroom, CANVAS, and other resources.


Readworks | Online Resource | Website

A website that includes a variety of literature for students in and out of the classroom. Each reading includes comprehension, text-dependent, and short answer questions for students to complete. A few things you can find in each story are the lexile level, word count, and a recording of the story for readers to follow.

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